Heat transfer is everywhere, in many forms. Understanding this natural process is of utmost importance in many scientific and technical fields. In greenTEG, we believe that heat flux sensing is the best way for that purpose.

This claim is based on the evidence: there are plenty of applications for heat flux sensing that are more precise and efficient than other methods. In the following quick guide, we are introducing our followers to a bunch of these applications, carefully selected to show how heat flux sensing works. These applications include:

  1. Calorimetric measurement of batteries.
  2. Non-invasive measurement of calorimetry with heat flux sensors.
  3. Measuring the thermal storage capability of phase changing materials 
  4. Solar radiation measurements.
  5. Mass flow measurements.
  6. Thermal influences in precision instruments.
  7. Heat transfer coefficient of fabrics.

In every case, we are briefly explained the application, explaining the advantages of heat flux sensors, as well as linking to other valuable resources. Just download the quick guide, and enjoy! 

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Improving the understanding of heat transfer processes.

A quick guide to heat flux applications

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